QuantiFERON Control Panel

Assess the performance of your QuantiFERON ELISA tests with QuantiFERON Control Panel

QuantiFERON Control panel provides easy-to-use standards as additional external controls for use with your QuantiFERON ELISA assays. Adding QuantiFERON Control Panel as an optional control to your current ELISA workflow can help maintain consistency between ELISA runs and operators.

QuantiFERON Control Panel includes three lyophilized IFN-gamma controls within the linear range of all QuantiFERON ELISA assays, including QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus, QuantiFERON-CMV and QuantiFERON Monitor. These standards are designed for straightforward integration into your current ELISA tests – simply process them as you would your current patient samples.

Benefits of QuantiFERON Control Panel

  • Reliable – a standardized external control for QuantiFERON ELISAs
  • Cost-effective – eliminates development and validation of “in-house” controls
  • Easy to use – seamless integration with your current ELISA workflow

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