Active TB investigations are a common, costly occurrence in the US

More than 13 million people in the US carry latent tuberculosis infection – and are at risk for progression to active TB disease (1).

People living in dense housing arrangements – such as college dormitories, prisons and hospitals – are at significantly increased risk of infection from airborne diseases, such as tuberculosis.

For these reasons, the CDC now recommends proactive testing for TB among patients at increased risk, such as college and university students (2, 3).

People at increased risk for TB infection in the US
Close contacts of active TB cases
Healthcare workers
Foreign-born persons
Persons in congregate settings
Persons in correctional and long-term care facilities

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TB contact investigations – a 3-month snapshot

In the first three months of 2019, eight cases of active TB were reported at various schools across the country. Eight additional cases that were not previously reported were also disclosed by Minnesota State University. All but 200 of the 2,076 people directly impacted across 11 states were required to take a TB test (4–15*).

Exposure eventDescription
Jan 11, CaliforniaA Riverside City College student was diagnosed, and 200 people were encouraged to get a TB test (4)
Jan 15, CaliforniaTB exposures from a student at Palomar College and an occupant of a men’s shelter in Carlsbad were reported (5)
Jan 16, ColoradoA student tested positive for contagious TB, prompting a contact investigation of 800 contacts (6–7)
Jan 23, TennesseeA high school student tested positive for TB, prompting a contact investigation of 450 students and staff (8)
Jan 23, MinnessotaMinnesota State University reported 8 TB cases over the past two years, prompting calls for heightened TB awareness (9)
Feb 1, S. CarolinaA high schooler tested positive for contagious TB and an undisclosed number of contacts were encouraged to get tested (10)
Feb 11, MississippiA Jackson student tested positive for contagious TB, and over 200 classmates and staff were tested for exposure (11)
Feb 18, MissouriAn active TB case at the University of Missouri caused a temporary school closure for a deep, terminal clean (12).
Feb 28, GeorgiaAn active TB case was reported in a student who attended two schools before the infection was detected (13)
Mar 4, GeorgiaA Gwinnet County student was diagnosed with active TB, prompting testing of 226 other students and staff (14)
Mar 13, NevadaA student tested positive for contagious TB, prompting a contact investigation of more than 200 people using QFT kits (15)

Improve your TB testing program with QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus

One person with active TB can infect 10-15 others over a one year period (16). Proactive testing with QFT-Plus can help prevent the spread of TB:

  • Single visit – skin test can require up to four visits
  • Available through your current lab service provider
  • Covered by insurance providers
  • Unaffected by prior BCG vaccination

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*Testing of 2,076 individuals for TB has been publicly disclosed. However, the number of people actually tested as mandated by the governing health officials, plus the number of people encouraged to get tested, is greater than 2,076 given that the exposure level was not publicly disclosed for all cases.


Disclaimer: The performance of the USA format of the QFT-Plus test has not been extensively evaluated with specimens from individuals younger than age 17 years.

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